My Little Comedy Act…

Twins…..oh what a joy! Well most of the time anyway!

My girls are what I called spirited! They are very happy, caring, cheeky little girls. Always smiling but sometimes they can be a handful, but what child isn’t right? From the day they were born, they have brought us joy!

But its not always a bed of roses, although the Facebook posts show it might be! Sometimes and not very often now, they might kick off about some very small little thing. It could be that one of them has stolen the others new glittery pen, or one just kicked the other in the leg or one has just taken a chip off the others plate! All hell will break loose when these minor altercations occur….there is no reasoning with them, its like they have temporarily chopped their ears off!

Rarely there are major quarrels though and life at our house is pretty stress free most of the time! But when it comes to school mornings it can get quite intense, how many times does a mum have to say GET YOUR SHOES ON! PUT YOUR COAT ON, GET DRESSED! One thing they are very good at doing is getting their own breakfast, they have been doing this themselves for quite a number of years, the only time when they cannot is when its porridge as that is pretty dangerous for a 7 year old to do themselves!

Teaching them independence from an early age is something that I police avidly, not just getting their own breakfast, but dressing themselves, making their own lunches, getting their own drinks, putting things away, doing their own thank you cards, taking responsibility for themselves. Seems obvious doesn’t it but I come across so many children that get to 7 years old that cannot do even the simplest of tasks….but it is easier for mine as they help each other with certain activities….

Any twin mums out there remember the lines you used to get or still get? Here are a few I used to get….

  • Oh dear double trouble?!
  • You must have to do double of everything!?
  • Gosh it must cost you a fortune!?
  • Can you tell them apart?
  • Are they boys? (clearly have pink blankets on when they were in the buggy)
  • You must not have any time to do anything else?

And the list goes on….


Yes its a given, twins is more work, but you just have to get on with it don’t you? I used to say to people, no no no, its double the fun and it was true. But this is easy for me to say as mine have been very good sleepers and eaters etc, I would be telling a different story if not! But it wasn’t just thanks to the good eating and sleeping genes, it was also a bit of input from us as parents. It was military at our house in the early days, a good routine was a must, making sure I woke them at the same time, fed a the same time, put to bed at the same time, everything they did was in sync!

Having twins is truly special, witnessing their relationship with each other is magical, they are so close. They have a wonderful bond that can never be broken, they will always be there for each other. Seeing this bond flourish is a wonderful thing and I look forward to seeing it blossom going forward.

The girls are 7 years old now and in the last year of their first school, where the time has gone……its raced by….but we are watching our children grow into beautiful and caring girls and I love every minute I have with them. My dream is to have honest, happy and caring little girls and I have to say they are not disappointing me even at this young age. I know though, when they hit their teens, that the lovely cuddles, smiles and honesty will stop for a while. All I am sure I will get is….GO AWAY, GET OUT, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and many other, probably stronger words from them!

If any of you reading this have twins, we would love to hear your tips and tricks? I have some too I can share if anyone has any questions… away!

Lara x

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