AC Scent Candle Review

I LOVE candles, I have numerous ones dotted around the house and pretty much all scented. I have a mixture of famous brands to unknown ones. I picked them up mainly from gift shops and I am lucky enough to be given them for presents.

When I turned 40 in December, I had a gathering in a pub with my friends. I was very lucky to receive some lovely gifts, even though I did tell everyone not to give me gifts! One of the gifts was an AC Scent Candle from my friends Mark and Laura. I knew that they had started a candle business but had not used one of their candles before, but was intending to purchase one after I got back from holiday after Christmas.

When I got home that night after the party I could not wait to open the candle, it was packaged beautifully, the presentation box is a lovely crisp white square magnetic closure box, tied with black grosgrain ribbon.

The candle itself is housed in a beautiful white frosted glass, I prefer this to the clear glasses you get. It gives it a nice glow when its lit. The labelling and colour scheme of their brand is very smart and oozes luxury. If I am to compare it to well known brands its up there.

But proof was in the pudding and of course a candle is not a candle until you light it and experience it. As their strap line states- CANDLES TO BE ENJOYED NOT JUST LOOKED AT. Instantly the aroma of black pomegranate filled the room, I have a big downstairs living area so it is hard to fill it with scent – as I have experienced in the past! No candle has come close! Until now! I was thrilled, I had finally found my dream candle! And at a great price point too.

AC Scents have really thought it all through, every little detail. Even down to the little round instruction card you get inside, which has a tiny flap of card so you can lift it out with ease. I have since ordered another one as I have been burning my one every day since got back from holiday end of December, it lasted so long and the scent stayed all the way through to the very end! I have gone for Black Pomegranate again which I love so much but I will be buying a vanilla one next to try! I cannot wait!

If you are looking for a beautiful candle please visit

Thank you again Mark and Laura!

Lara x

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Mummy to beautiful twin girls, sufferer of vestibular migraines, neuritis and anxiety, Pilates addict and clean eating freak! I have started a blog writing about my experiences thus far! Hoping to give people hope who suffer from vestibular conditions and mental illness. I hope you like reading my blogs and would love to hear from you!

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