DIY foundation – hell yeah!

Since October 2016 I have been working hard to rid my body of toxins, sugar, gluten etc! I have been following Dr Axe for some time now and love his passion for essential oils and natural remedies! I now have a whole cabinet dedicated to oils and vitamins such as Frankincense for spots and inflammation, vitamin E oil for wrinkles, Magnesium chelate for restless legs, I think now I have a bottle for every ailment I can possibly think of! I just need to find one for larger breasts! I fear that is not going to come on the market in my lifetime!

So I was very curious to see he had done a post on DIY foundation a few months ago, so I had a gander and actually it seemed to make perfect sense. Why use toxins on your skin when you could make your own natural makeup! Some makeup is full of nasties! I loved the fact that his recipe for foundation had coconut oil, Shea butter which I love and my old time favourite Cocao!

So I went onto my trusty well known online shop and bought all the ingredients, whilst I was on of course I added other products to fuel my online shopping addiction! (which I have just confessed to my husband as a real issue!) Once all the products arrived I got to work in my kitchen turning it into a working laboratory, I felt like a little scientist mixing all these fabulous natural elements together, Breaking Bad did cross my mind (although the total opposite result!)



The only thing that was a bit of a faff to wait to melt was the beeswax, I am a little impatient as a person so maybe other people might not find it so annoying. Once I had made it I searched for an empty jar in my cupboard, not having much luck! I decided to empty the contents of an old condiment and give it a very good wash out and dry. I poured my concoction into the jar and voila my DIY foundation was complete! Of course I put it on my face straight away! It was quite a greasy mixture, although that does soak into your skin fairly rapidly.

One bit tip I would give you if you are going to try this out is DO NOT use an old horseradish jar! Even though you wash if thoroughly it will stink to high heaven even 2 months after making it! Buy new jars! Still I do think its a great DIY foundation, I am not sure how often I will wear it and my friends joke that they might lick my face next time they see me as it has cocao and cinnamon in it! But still it was fun to make and its a good alternative, next time I might try a different scent rather then chocolate.

Here is the link to the recipe

Lara x

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