I also have twin boys!

As well as twin girls in the human form I also have twins but in the furry form and male variety! Before my children came along my cats were my babies!

Unfortunately I lost my Lilac British Shorthair cat called Wallace back in 2015, they suspected a heart attack, he was always quite a scatty cat and a bit cat too at 7kg, lilac British Shorthairs tend to be large cats! I was so devastated as it was so sudden, the night before he was on my lap having a cuddle very happy. For a long time after Fraser, his brother, pictured above, constantly went into cupboards and rooms to try and find him, he was mourning. So we decided to get him a playmate, called Humbug! A British shorthair silver tabby.

We got him in May 2016 and he is a complete nutter, tears around the house causing chaos. But he is a lovely natured cat too, he adores the children. He loves Fraser my 12 year old cat, but I do not think it is reciprocated! They tolerate each other but I do not think it will ever be a loving relationship! The girls adore humbug, as we called him, but it tends to drive us a bit mad as they will not leave him alone, constantly picking him up, so tempting as he is so gorgeous, but he does get a little annoyed and soon gives them a little nip!

Humbug is now nearly 1 years old and is getting big, I think he will be as big as Wallace as he stands taller then Fraser now.


He is a very placid cat and often lies on my lap in front of the TV, in the above position! We are honoured if he stays there for longer then 1 minute as he is always on the go!

We look forward to seeing how Humbugs personality develops over the coming year and hope that the little biting stops, its only when he gets annoyed with being held too much! My other cats never did that so it is a bit new to me!


I love the British Shorthair breed they are such beautiful cats and amazing personalities, very placid.

I will be doing more posts about my cats as I love them so much! Some of the antics that Humbug gets up to are hilarious!

Lara x

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