Perfect Sweet Potato Chips!

I eat A LOT of sweet potatoes! I love them! They are tasty and healthy! I have not eaten normal white potatoes for some years.

But for some time I have been searching for a recipe that makes the sweet potato chips crispy! I have tried everything! And then I found it! Egg white! It makes them go SO crispy!

What you do is cut sweet potatoes into chip shapes (leave skin on!) then put egg whites (2 eggs worth) in a bowl and mix a couple of tsps of paprika and cumin into the eggs, give them a good whisk until combined, add in some Pink Himalayan salt, then toss the potatoes in the mixture until they are really well coated. Transfer the potatoes chips onto a baking tray which has been dabbed with cocounut oil (or you can use melted) or olive oil works equally as well.

Then cook in an oven until crispy, turning halfway, say about 190 degrees. There is no need to pre cook the sweet potatoes!

I love them with salmon fillet, or turkey burgers, or just on their own with a curry/cumin greek yoghurt dip – yum!!!

Lara x

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Mummy to beautiful twin girls, sufferer of vestibular migraines, neuritis and anxiety, Pilates addict and clean eating freak! I have started a blog writing about my experiences thus far! Hoping to give people hope who suffer from vestibular conditions and mental illness. I hope you like reading my blogs and would love to hear from you!

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