I feel like chicken tonight…gluten free recipe ideas

Chicken has so many uses, you can fry it, grill it, bash it, mince it, cover it, shred it, stuff it, batter it, roast it, bbq it……the uses are endless!

I LOVE chicken and I cook with it a lot,  I follow quite a high protein diet and its perfect with my salads, rice, veg etc. I have shared JUST A FEW of the chicken dishes I like to cook, if you want any specific recipes of any of the below please let me know!

One of my popular faves is a Danette May recipe, chicken with ACV. Tender pieces of chicken fried and accompanied with thin slices of apple, tender broccoli stems, crushed cashews and a drizzle of Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)


Who would have thought one day I would be eating healthy chicken nuggets! I used to cook chicken nuggets for my children very often and pick most of it off their plate, leaving them just a few left. That was until my daughter poked my tummy whilst shouting the words MUMMY HAS A BIG TUMMY I was distraught, but my children love me, how could they be so cruel! Then I glanced down and yes, I could see their point! My tummy had become rather enlarged through sheer greed. I often blamed the medication I was on but deep down I knew it was not entirely to blame.

So instead of picking the girls food, I ate at the same time as them and instead of eating bad stuff, would eat healthy dinners! It kept me occupied and stopped my fingers/pincers reaching for their tempting delights!

It also made me conscious of what they were eating too, although they have a very good varied diet, some of the time they were eating too much of a bad thing! For quite a while I was trying to find chicken nuggets in supermarkets that were low in salt etc but could not find any good ones, also wanted them ideally to be gluten free. I used to make them my homemade chicken nuggets rolled in cornflakes. But now they love my quinoa ones! Below is a photo of my quinoa chicken nuggets with cumin/curry powder greek yoghurt dip – yum! They are so simple to make, you can do one of two things, dip chicken cubes or strips in gluten free flour, then egg then pre-cooked quinoa OR take out the flour and just use the egg and quinoa. Then spray with coconut oil or olive oil spray and bake in oven on baking paper until crispy on say a 190 degree heat if fan assisted. Miles healthier for children and adults and better then feeding them processed rubbish.


Chicken Thai curry is a great hit in our household. Dead easy to make, and great if you have loads of left over vegetables in the fridge to use up! I love mine with whole cashew nuts in, I use a gluten free, no additives, colours, flavourings or preservatives Thai green curry paste, I have been known to splash out and make my own, thats if I can be bothered and have the time to cut little strips of lemon grass and ginger etc! I use coconut milk (Alpro), unsweetened natural desiccated coconut  and coconut flour to thicken the sauce. I love using courgettes, pak choi, carrots, spring onions, mange tout, green and red peppers, fresh chillies, asparagus in mine. Be adventurous…..I sometimes make a king prawn version too.

The next chicken dish I have A LOT! I have it for lunch or dinner. It is super good for you and filling too! I scoop out an avocado and mix the avocado in a bowl with some chopped up cooked chicken (which has been fried in coconut oil or olive oil or you could grill them) then add in a dollop of Greek unsweetened natural yoghurt, cumin, curry powder and I love to add in some Jalepenos as gives it a real kick on the taste buds! This is great as a starter if you are having a dinner party!


Chicken Korma – oh how I love this dish! I use Jamie Olivers Korma Paste recipe! http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/recipe/easy-homemade-curry-pastes/ its gluten free and no nasties in it. I then use coconut milk (Alpro) and chicken and onions and mushrooms, sometimes I put raisins in it and chopped apples if I have any left in the fruit bowl. Also cashews or other nuts are nice to put in. I serve it with brown rice and a dollop of greek yoghurt! In fact we are having this tonight!


Also another dish is this Kung Pao Chicken see recipe here.


I would love to hear what your favourite chicken recipe is…..please comment below and share it with us….

Lara x

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