The magic of Apple cider Vinegar

Since turning to Danette May in October for guidance with my eating and life plan, I have been consuming Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis. She swears by the stuff and I was a bit dubious at first, thinking…..just another fad! But how wrong I was….I wanted to share with you what I use it for…..but I am sure there are many many more uses besides the below! You can find a full list of the uses and benefits here

Since taking ACV I have had increased energy, better skin, less sugar craving, allergies seem better etc

My main use is as an Elixir in the morning. As soon as I wake up I head downstairs to make up my ACV drink. I mix a juice of one lemon (I have lemon icecubes in the freezer that I have pre squeezed!) with 2 tbsps of ACV a dash of cayenne pepper and a dash of organic raw honey, I have been adding in tumeric recently for its own magical benefits.

I have my ACV on an empty stomach and hour before I eat, its great for kick starting your digestive system and cleansing and sets you up for the day ahead. Sometimes I also might have it at night time if I want to speed up the weight loss….

I have also used ACV for treating cuts or even lumps on my skin eg acne and most recently a blocked sweat gland under my arm. I soaked a plaster with some ACV and put it under my arm for 5 mins twice a day for about 2 months and its gone! I understand they are quite difficult to get rid of and I believe the ACV really helped to heal it and reduce the inflammation.

I also use ACV as a dressing on my food. If you mix it with the spice or herb you like, its rather tasty. I mix it with cumin and paprika, I mention about this dressing on my I feel like chicken tonight blog

When I got my husband to do my detox with me and fed him an ACV Elixir in the mornings, he moaned and moaned, he does not like it, he will never like it. It is an acquired taste but you get used to it, takes a few weeks of persistence, some people get used to it right away!

So have a look at the link at the top to Dr Axes website and read all the benefits of ACV and give it a go, you have nothing to loose.

Lara x


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  1. ACV is a great alternative treatment for toenail fungus. Of course each case is different, but I treated mine and it has never returned. Drug free!

    1. Wow thanks for sharing this, this is amazing I will share this on twitter and facebook! so many great uses. x

    2. Alison says:

      My husband has this problem. How often do you use this and how much do you use?

      1. I googled it like everyone else, but it takes time, almost a year to be fully cured.

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