Crayons with a twist….Review

Crayons, people of all ages love them, whether you are a tiny toddler or more mature human being who has a passion for drawing!

I would class my 7 year old twin girls as experts in this field, they LOVE drawing, coming from an artistic family it was only natural that they should carry this gene. They have been drawing ever since they were able to hold something in their hand! They prefer to draw then do anything else eg watch TV or other brain numbing technology.

So I was so pleased to be able to do this review, as I knew my children would be very excited to experiment and give me their verdict and they are very honest! Take after their mummy and daddy.

I received the crayons from a company called Crayation Station, a quirky but obvious name so you know what they sell! The packaging it came in was very secure and protective and they were presented beautifully in tissue paper, along with a business card.

First thing I noticed was how smooth the crayons were and so clean and very well moulded. Normally you might see some air bubbles appear on shaped crayons but none were anywhere to be seen.

The girls set up their own crayation station at home on the floor with their blank canvas. They were sent a large cerise pink unicorn and two hearts, one orange and one dark purple.

To begin with I thought the hearts would be too small for them to hold and actually draw with, my girls have quite big hands for 7 year olds! However I was very pleasantly surprised that they were so easy to use.

The girls seemed to colour in with ease and in fact the hearts are perfect as they have a pointed edge to them and are flat on one side, making it easy to do hard lines and side shading. The unicorn has multiple uses, shading in using the side, lots of pointed edges to get definition and so easy to hold too. It was like the unicorn was prancing about and rather enjoying his journey around the paper.


The pink was a pleasant pink, although bright in colour itself, on paper its a lovely pink and not to bright. Same with the purple and orange, really nice shades of these colours. The girls had hot hands and I was interested to see whether the crayons would withstand this, being wax, I thought they would start to melt but at the end they were absolutely fine. They kept commenting how smooth they are to colour in with.

With crayons they have used before, it leaves a horrible waxy residue on their hands, almost sticky to the touch, but these left nothing at all, they did not even have to was their hands after. Also we find with some crayons its quite hard to colour in and as you glide over paper, some of the wax does not transfer to the paper properly leaving an uneven coverage. However these are not like that, you get a perfectly even line or shading area, no patches or wax residue and no bits flaking off like some!

The girls commented on how nice the colours were and how lovely to use they are. They have now asked me to get some more! So I will be going on their website very soon to order lots more shapes and colours! You can find their website by clicking here, they have literally just launched it, so I am sure they will be uploading lots more options as time goes on. I also cannot wait to order some for other children I know too. They would make brilliant party favours or birthday presents etc. I also think they are great for adults to use too, Mothers Day is coming up and if you have a Mother who loves colouring in and likes a certain theme eg gardening etc maybe you could get Danielle to create the shapes.


I would highly recommend Crayation Station shaped crayons, safe for children to use (non toxic) and really fun with the vast array of shapes they can do. So if your child loves a particular character or theme I am sure Crayation Station will not fail to disappoint!

Thank you Crayation Team, we love them!

Lara x


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