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I love tea! I would probably say I am a bit of an expert when it comes to herbal teas, but a little bit of a novice when it comes to fruit teas for children! So I asked my expert panel to review this new product on the market, two very honest reviewers!

Tweetea is a Fruit Tea For Children! The tea was hand delivered as I am local to the company, two packets of tea were presented to me in a simplistic white bag with a little Tweetea label on it. The girls were super excited to rip open the white bag and reveal their teas. Inside there was a Mixed Berries fruit tea and a Strawberry and Vanilla.

The girls loved the branding, cute little fruit bird characters, with cheeky faces just like them! There is a nice quality feel to the packaging and clearly the company has spent some time figuring out the right messaging with quite funny sentences which is a bit of fun for children to read. Certainly the packaging and messaging is attractive to children and gets them engaged pretty quickly!

Inside the outer packet is a clear celophane bag which houses the 15 fruit tea bags which are in lovely silky pyramid tea bags. Straight away the beautiful aroma of the tea really hits you, the girls love fruit and could definitely tell it was real fruit. The only thing I feel it needs is a celophane bag that you can seal again but that is easily fixed by a strip of celotape to ensure the aroma and freshness stays in the bags.

We followed the instructions to a T (excuse the pun) and poured in hot water and waited for them to brew for 3-5 minutes. The teas went a lovely colour and the lovely smell of berries, strawberries and vanilla filled the room. I thought by looking at the colour that the tea went and the strong smell, that they were going to be quite strong. However we were pleasantly surprised that they were just perfect, not too strong and not too weak. The girls really liked the flavour, considering my girls only ever drink water and will not drink anything else.

They loved it so much that they wanted me to record this below video!

So if you are looking for a new drink for your children, or want to get them into fruit teas, or get them away from having bad sugary drinks, this is the product for you! I think its a brilliant idea!

You can buy tweetea teas directly from their website they are also on twitter @tweeteauk facebook or contact them at

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