SilkFred for my sanity!

My obsession with clothes is no secret! In fact I recently came clean to my husband that I do admit I have a problem. I have a shopping addiction in general but I do love buying clothes!

I used to be hooked on certain retail store outlets, which I used to visit frequently! I never came out of the shop without a bag! But due to me having my vestibular condition and anxiety I find it much easier to shop online now, do not get me wrong I love going into a shop, there’s nothing better than a bit of retail therapy on a weekend. However due to the visual disturbances I get, I am a bit scared of going to shops on my own as most of them are so bright! I recently wrote a letter to a well-known store about their extreme bright lights that set off a vertigo attack! They promised that they would turn them down but have not yet! I can just about cope if I have my special glasses with me!

So needless to say I have to shop online…over the years I have seen countless adverts on social media for online clothing stores, the internet is saturated with them. Some I have dipped my toe into and some just look damn awful! One that attracted my attention was SilkFred, I kept seeing sponsored adverts for them in my timeline on Facebook, so in January last year I clicked through to their clothing site and wow, what a variety of clothes I found!

It was like being a child in a sweet shop, I was in my element…..I think the first time I used their website I must have gone to about 500 pages! Over the last year they have certainly refined their clothing ranges and have found that there is a lot more on there for me then there used to be. It is always very difficult to visualise what an item of clothing might look like actually on you, being on the internet it is also very tricky to see detailing, colours, fabric and shapes etc However the photos they have are sufficient enough for me to make a decision and a quick one at that!

I have found that most of the items I have ordered to be absolutely spot on. However I have inevitably sent a few items back over the last year, but very few, considering how much I buy from them, the return percentage is very low! When you do return an item it is made so easy, they are quick to respond with your return authorisation number and give you 14 days after purchase to do so, then another 14 days to return in the post. So this matches most retail stores return policies anyway (normally 28 days).

I order a mixture of items from jumpers, shirts, dresses to leggings and skirts. All the items I own from SilkFred have always washed so well, there are clear washing instructions on the labels as you would expect and not one item has shrunk or deteriorated in any way. Not like some of my very expensive clothing that actually are worse when washed or dry cleaned!

Clothes shopping is not just a visual thing for me, it’s also good for my mental health too! My husband thinks that is just an excuse, but truthfully it is, it makes me feel better when I have nice clothes to wear, what woman would not feel like that?!? But as a vestibular migraine and anxiety sufferer it is so important to be able to lift your spirits and SilkFred clothing has actually been wonderful for my recovery the last year! My husband will read this and laugh out loud!! It is true!!! And also retail therapy that does not break the bank! Win win!

I find ordering from the SilkFred website very easy, in fact too easy! So much so I end up getting probably more items than I should! I have to say I am pretty addicted to their cardigans, I buy one and then I buy them in different colours, my latest favourite is the Cross Over Cardigan With Zip Detail and have it in Black and Grey and so reasonably priced at £30.

My other big favourite is the gorgeous jumper with lace and diamante detail  it’s very good quality and was a steal at only £28 and now actually on sale for £18!! Mmmmm might have to get a few spares! I find the sizing perfect, I got all these cardigans and jumpers in a size 12 and they fit perfectly.

I got some black leather look leggings recently and they are SO comfy! I live in black leggings and I thought I would try these out. I was surprised that although they look like leather, they are actually not fake leather to the touch, they are more of a stretchy silky material, I love them! They were only £14, an absolute bargain! I might even get a few more pairs! You can either dress them up for an evening out or just wear them for casual daytime outings!

SilkFred have really priced their items perfectly, they have something for everyone to match any budget. I love the fact that they cater for women of all ages, I have even got a few items for my mum and she is now hooked too and cannot wait until my children are old enough! What I love about SilkFred is you do not have to spend 100s or even 1,000s of £s to look good! I am looking forward to browsing through their website for Spring clothing soon! Not all my SilkFred purchases are black and grey by the way! I have purchased lots of different coloured items too, they have such a variety of colours on offer and some items in multiple colours.

I also find it great that they display summer clothes throughout the year on their website, which is so handy when you want to do some holiday purchasing! SilkFred has got it all, I am so pleased to have discovered them and look forward to many more purchases!

It is a huge pleasure to do a review for SilkFred and share my passion for their clothing! Please check them out at and to keep up with their latest trends follow them on social media…I signed up to get updates via email too.

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What is SilkFred?

SilkFred is a platform for the best independent fashion brands to sell their products online and for shoppers who love cool, unique clothes to discover them. We cut through the noise of online shopping and provide a central destination for you to find affordable pieces that your friends won’t have (and will love!)

Happy shopping!!!

Lara x



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