Pure Smiles – New Oral-B Pro 2500 Toothbrush Review

I used to love using electric toothbrushes purely because I felt my teeth were extra clean afterwards. But unfortunately since I have had my vestibular disorders I have had to stop using electric toothbrushes as they make me more dizzy due to the vibrations so close to my ears. So when this opportunity came up for me to review the new Oral-B Pro 2500 Toothbrush for Pure Smiles, I was gutted to be honest, as would have loved to have given it a whirl! But my husband was very quick and happy to step up to the plate! He has been using electric toothbrushes since I have known him (20 years).

My husband, Nick was delighted to be able to review the toothbrush for me, although he did not think it was quite so necessary for me to hover over him every morning, asking him how it was today?! He has used many electric toothbrushes, lots of different brands, I actually do not think he has been entirely happy with any of them as he is always browsing Amazon for the latest and greatest electric toothbrushes and talking to friends about what they use. He is one for keeping up with his routine dental appointments and badgers me to go too! And yes I do need a push!

We received the Oral-B Pro 2500 Toothbrush in the post from Pure Smiles which was packaged very well and securely. Immediately when we opened the brown outer protective postage box, the vibrant colours of the Oral B brand shone right out at us! The packaging is glossy and lovely colour metallic blues and is actually quite a nice box to keep! Inside the box is a polystyrene box containing multiple heads, a very handy travel case (as he likes to keep his brush clean when travelling!) a charger and the toothbrush base itself.

One thing my husband noticed straight away when he used it was how very powerful it is but without hurting! Some electric toothbrushes he has used are powerful but actually made his gums bleed as they went too far! The round head is very effective but at the same time gentle, but it gets into all the tiny areas and gives you are really good clean. When he first tried it he said it felt like he had been to the hygienist, so that was a good sign!

Key features – Daily Clean Plus Visible Pressure Sensor, 3D action and Gum Care and head rotates, oscillates and pulsates. It also removes up to 100% more plaque. There is a handy red flashing light on the base which flashes when it needs to be recharged. There is also a Charge Level Display above this, which is very good! It also has a 2 minute timer! You also get a 2 year limited warranty. What more could you ask for in a toothbrush!

He wanted to use the toothbrush for some time before giving his full feedback, he has now been using it for a few months and he said its brilliant. There has been no browsing on Amazon for any new ones thats for sure! He would not hesitate to recommend this toothbrush to anyone looking for a high powered but gentle and effective clean. Also the price point is great, at £39.99 it does not break the bank unlike some of the brands out there! We would not hesitate to recommend this toothbrush and Pure Smiles services.

As well as selling electric toothbrushes Pure Smiles also has a wide range of treatments in their Fullham based clinic. From teeth whitening, dermal fillers, smoking cessation programs to sleep therapy. You can find a list of all their treatments at their website here http://puresmiles.co.uk/treatments/ They also have a clinic in New Kings Road which is handy.

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