Taste Inc – Chicken snack Review!

I have to say over the years I have purchased many chicken products, as I LOVE chicken! Pretty much every time I stop at petrol stations or shops I always pick up chicken in packets for a snack as I love having lots of protein in my diet. However most of them have been terrible.

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Most of the time they do not taste or have the texture of chicken, some are fake tasting, so processed, no stringy bits like you should get with nicely cooked chicken. Some are very dry, some hollow feeling, I have never actually found a nice packet of cooked chicken as a snack! So you can imagine my delight when I received an email from Taste Inc asking if I would like to review their Chicken fillet snacks! I jumped at the chance, finally could this be the chicken snack that I have been searching for, or will it disappoint and leave me feeling cheated??

I received the product very swiftly to my house, it arrived in a big polystyrene container, inside was two large cooling packets to keep the food cool and fresh. They had sent me quite a few packets which was great, as I thought that I would get my children and husband to try them too. They also love their chicken and instead of grabbing a bag of crisps at the shop for a snack this could be a good healthy alternative to fill them up.

My first impression was that the packaging was very easy to open, just a rip down for the top! No hassle at all. Instantly the fresh cooked chicken smell greeted me. You know when you open up cooked chicken from the supermarket in the clear packed boxes, it instantly stinks! It is horrible! But thankfully this was not like that at all, the smell was lovely.


First off I tried the Chargrilled Chicken Fillet – spicy version! It certainly has a little bite! I would class my spice level to be medium, unlike my husbands which is extreme! I found it just enough and not too spicy, just perfect. The chicken is moist, succulent, like its been slow cooked and certainly tastes real and 100% proper chicken. There was a bit of a fight with the spicy chickens as my husband was liking them so much he wanted them all to himself!


I am a bit of a chargrilled chicken expert, after purchasing many packets of cooked chargrilled chicken from supermarkets and mixing them up in my salads. So when I came to trying the chargrilled chicken version, I had high expectations to say the least! I was very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes when you try some chargrilled chickens they can have a a burnt taste and leave a nasty after taste in your mouth, but these were just perfect, again succulent and very tasty. It is good to also know that it is chargrilled over sustainably sourced charcoal.

I actually used some in my salads in a few lunches that week. They are so handy when you do not want to pre mix the salad and not get all the lettuce soggy. So when I come to having my lunch I can just tear open the packet and add it to my salad and have everything nice and fresh! My children are not fans of spice so they were really loving this chargrilled chicken, they couldn’t get enough! So I know its a winner with the whole family! I will be off to my local Ocado to stock up!

Its a great snack, 100% real chicken, great tasting, and perfect for children too on the go or at home. The product is completely natural, high in protein and low in fat, salt, carbs and calories making it the perfect healthy snack. This is very important to for me as I cannot have any processed foods or unhealthy foods as I suffer from balance disorders and healthy eating is much better for my symptoms! I have to also be careful of salt intake as its not good!

So where can you purchase them I hear you ask? Well, they can be found at these major retailers Nisa, Morrisons and Ocado so when you are next passing one, pop in and purchase a packet and try it out for yourself.

Taste Inc have some really handy chicken recipes on their website, click here to check them out. I particularly like the Spicy Chicken and Quinoa recipe 

You can find out more information about Taste Inc and their products on their website at www.tasteinc.com and also follow them on social media below….


Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope you do go and try these fabulous chicken snacks. If you have tried them please comment below and let us know your feedback.

La x

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