Taste Inc – Chicken snack Review!

I have to say over the years I have purchased many chicken products, as I LOVE chicken! Pretty much every time I stop at petrol stations or shops I always pick up chicken in packets for a snack as I love having lots of protein in my diet. However most of them have been terrible….

Pure Smiles – New Oral-B Pro 2500 Toothbrush Review

I used to love using electric toothbrushes purely because I felt my teeth were extra clean afterwards. But unfortunately since I have had my vestibular disorders I have had to stop using electric toothbrushes as they make me more dizzy due to the vibrations so close to my ears. So when this opportunity came up…

Barley Cup Cereal Drink Review

Barleycup perfect for people that are gluten-free (Barleycup is certified by Coeliac UK), caffeine-free or lactose-free. Also great if you are counting those calories, but it is also Dextrose-free and ok for vegans. It has no artificial additives, health in a cup! 

SilkFred for my sanity!

SilkFred is a platform for the best independent fashion brands to sell their products online and for shoppers who love cool, unique clothes to discover them.

It is a huge pleasure to do a review for SilkFred and share my passion for their clothing! Please click here to read my full review.

Beautiful products, part of my coping strategy

Ok I might be slightly biased here but I had to spread the news about Coconut Blush! I have used Coconut Blush products in our gift sets at work for about two years now and we LOVE them! One of the reasons I started this blog is to raise more awareness of debilitating vestibular conditions…

Tweetea Review…tweet tweet!

I love tea! I would probably say I am a bit of an expert when it comes to herbal teas, but a little bit of a novice when it comes to fruit teas for children! So I asked my expert panel to review this new product on the market, two very honest reviewers! Tweetea is…

Crayons with a twist….Review

Crayons, people of all ages love them, whether you are a tiny toddler or more mature human being who has a passion for drawing! I would class my 7 year old twin girls as experts in this field, they LOVE drawing, coming from an artistic family it was only natural that they should carry this…