Testing day! And my journey up to now…in brief!

So today was the day I popped back to Royal Surrey County Hospital Audiology (my second home!) for testing. I was going for two reasons, one to have a VEMP test (will explain what that is in a moment!) and the second was to have a positional test done (for BPPV). The last time I…

You are in control….

Whilst I sit here struggling to stay upright on this seat, due to severe rocking after my recent big vertigo attack on the 20th May, I felt compelled to write a new blog post. Although no doubt writing this will put me in more of a spin, as my main trigger is the computer! However I raise awareness of vestibular conditions and mental illness daily in the hope that I can reach more and more people and educate the uneducated on these debilitating conditions. It is important to me, it is my destiny.

Support……lets go deep

Support….what does it mean? To me support means a multitude of things. We need support throughout our lives for a number of reasons, but when the sh*t really hits the fan, who is there to support you when you need it most?