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Creatures of (bad) habits....

I used to be a creature of bad habits, before I realised that I needed to change my ways. I used to drink lots of alcohol, party hard, eat rubbish, not much of a beauty routine, flit in and out of exercise plans, work long hours, not much sleep, yo yo diet etc etc!

One thing I have to thank for my vestibular migraines is it has made me realise that I needed to change my alcohol intake, eating habits and other things in my life. I gave up alcohol in on April 14th 2013, a massive decision and an alarming decision to my friends, who to this day think I am still crazy and still offer to buy me drinks! But I did it for a number of reasons, my vestibular condition and the post traumatic stress after the M25 incident! I have to say I have not looked back once, it is the one thing I will never regret doing. I will never drink again, I do not miss it, I can have fun without it and I love being productive at the weekends!!

So now I have completed my life jigsaw puzzle and given up sugar, gluten and dairy. I possess things I never thought in a million years I would own - a smoothie maker, waffle maker, lemon juicer, a huge cupboard of nuts, gluten free flours, raw organic foods, balance board, heavy duty hula hoop, treadmill, pilates mat, kettle bell and many other gadgets! I spend most of my nights researching new machinery I can purchase!

Along my new healthy ME journey I have shared recipes, tips and pretty much bored the pants off my friends and family with my FREE from everything chats! In the hope that they too will join me so I do not have to be the odd one out! Not that this is bad thing, being unique is the new thing??!! There is nothing wrong with sharing your passion surely? I am only trying to help other people be healthy, whether its for a condition they have, trying to loose weight or just because, nothing wrong with that right? My mum said the other day that I should have been a doctor! I love to help people....

Anyway I have succeeded in one thing recently, changing my husbands bad habits! For a long time he has been determined to eat rubbish, what he thinks is healthy are toxins to me! He would pop in to town and come back with lots of packets of foods claiming to be healthy, until I look at the contents and tell him its got a ton of sugar in and lots of preservatives etc. Low fat processed packet food being one of the worst!

[gallery ids="842,844,841" type="rectangular"]

Above are a few photos I have stolen off my husbands Facebook page of the kind of things he used to eat!! Baked beans on toast with lashings of butter and ketchup and marmite topped with crisps, a regular of his! To the right, some unidentifiable meat with cheese, eggs and lashings of Branston pickle!


When I started my clean eating plan in October, he just wasn't interested in it, just let me get on with it. He had his dinner, I had mine. That was until he saw the transformation in me. It is not all just about my inch loss, it was more about ME as a person, how it lifted my spirits, helped with my condition and many more benefits besides. He then started asking a few questions, that quickly moved on to trying the odd meal I was having in my weekly food plan. That then moved on to him having a few of the meals a week to now all of the week! I can now not keep up with the demand for healthy muffins as he has got totally hooked on them! The rest of the family started asking for them and luckily now making them themselves thank goodness!


Dont get me wrong he has always liked his salads and greens, but eating healthy is more then a bowl of salad! After being with him for 20 years, I have seen him over eat, eat rubbish, drink rubbish and suffer for it, not just on the surface but probably rotting inside!

I am very proud of him. He has really jumped on board with his heathy eating, he has gone from eating a bowl of chips for a snack to eating edamame beans. He is always keen to try new things I make, he has even surprised himself! Instead of sticky toffee puddings he is having greek yoghurt with fruit, he has even moved to fruit teas instead of coffee and alcohol consumption is far less. But he has done it himself because he wanted to change, not because I forced him to, he made his own decision....(I might of chipped away at him a little but very subtly!)

He now does yoga and a zillion steps a day and goes to the gym. For once we are both on the right journey, a lifestyle change. Weight/inch loss is a bonus but I am not doing it for that, I am doing it to be healthier, to help my condition, so that I can enjoy my children and have the energy to do things with them - that is what is important to me.


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My sprout obsessed healthy husband drinking green juice for breakfast. To the right are his perfectly peeled sprouts and bottom right my cashew kale chips which he loves!

My children have always eaten very well and even when I used to eat rubbish I would always make sure they ate as healthy as possible with a varied diet. There is not much they will not eat! Now they are beginning to get health conscious, and will flatly refuse to eat crisps or chocolate on the odd occasion, saying they are not good for them. This is something I have not forced upon them at all, as I think its good for children to experience the odd treat! We have treat Saturday in our house as long as they have behaved throughout the week! But I have to say I am very proud of them too, as they are starting to really make their own decisions about their food. They love pretty much everything I cook and even getting into my healthy hot chocolate with Raw Cacao!

If you have a husband or partner, friend or family member you want to help, then it is possible....bake them some healthy muffins to try, or healthy meals, chip away at them! Some people will not change as they do not want to, but some people will!

Would love to hear from anyone that has helped other people get healthy, pop a comment below!