You are in control….

Whilst I sit here struggling to stay upright on this seat, due to severe rocking after my recent big vertigo attack on the 20th May, I felt compelled to write a new blog post. Although no doubt writing this will put me in more of a spin, as my main trigger is the computer! However I raise awareness of vestibular conditions and mental illness daily in the hope that I can reach more and more people and educate the uneducated on these debilitating conditions. It is important to me, it is my destiny.

Support……lets go deep

Support….what does it mean? To me support means a multitude of things. We need support throughout our lives for a number of reasons, but when the sh*t really hits the fan, who is there to support you when you need it most?

New chapter awaits…

Life has ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and the horrible bad days. I have been pondering over something for a long time but just really could not decide what to do for the best… let me tell you a bit of background… I have always worked, since I left college at 18…

Distractions – diverting your mind away from dizziness….

Over the years there is one main thing I have learnt which helps with my symptoms Distractions.

When my mind is occupied it really helps me feel better. It does not matter which symptom is heightened, when I am distracted it helps keep my mind of that symptom/s. Ok they do not totally go away but it dampens them down a bit!

Taste Inc – Chicken snack Review!

I have to say over the years I have purchased many chicken products, as I LOVE chicken! Pretty much every time I stop at petrol stations or shops I always pick up chicken in packets for a snack as I love having lots of protein in my diet. However most of them have been terrible….

Pure Smiles – New Oral-B Pro 2500 Toothbrush Review

I used to love using electric toothbrushes purely because I felt my teeth were extra clean afterwards. But unfortunately since I have had my vestibular disorders I have had to stop using electric toothbrushes as they make me more dizzy due to the vibrations so close to my ears. So when this opportunity came up…

Turning my anxiety/dizzy world into positives…

I now believe I have been given these health issues for a reason, I was given them to help others. I have always loved helping others but now I have a reason, now I can share my story and my battles and wins and help others get through theirs.

A mothers perspective…

This has been a huge learning curve for me as the mother of a daughter who suffers from vestibular conditions and mental health, all beginning back in 2010 after my grandchildren were born. 

Barley Cup Cereal Drink Review

Barleycup perfect for people that are gluten-free (Barleycup is certified by Coeliac UK), caffeine-free or lactose-free. Also great if you are counting those calories, but it is also Dextrose-free and ok for vegans. It has no artificial additives, health in a cup!