SilkFred for my sanity!

SilkFred is a platform for the best independent fashion brands to sell their products online and for shoppers who love cool, unique clothes to discover them.

It is a huge pleasure to do a review for SilkFred and share my passion for their clothing! Please click here to read my full review.

Beautiful products, part of my coping strategy

Ok I might be slightly biased here but I had to spread the news about Coconut Blush! I have used Coconut Blush products in our gift sets at work for about two years now and we LOVE them! One of the reasons I started this blog is to raise more awareness of debilitating vestibular conditions…

DIY foundation – hell yeah!

Since October 2016 I have been working hard to rid my body of toxins, sugar, gluten etc! I have been following Dr Axe for some time now and love his passion for essential oils and natural remedies! I now have a whole cabinet dedicated to oils and vitamins such as Frankincense for spots and inflammation,…