Positivity and hope….

A world of dizziness every single day for me A condition that’s hard for people to see Invisible dizziness, vertigo and headaches to boot From mild symptoms to sometimes very acute But what has got me through is a positive attitude Even if everything I look at seems very skewed A lot of vestibular disorders…

***Competition Time!***

***Competition Time!***
To thank you for your support, I am giving away a beautiful AC-Scent Well Being Jasmine 3 Wick Candle worth £34.50.

Anxious about being anxious

If you had asked me 5 years ago what anxiety felt like, I would not be able to tell you. I had never experienced anxiety ever before! What I might have said and it would have been a guess is…..butterflies in the tummy feeling??!?

Housework….a fine balance

Housework…..your worst nightmare as a vestibular sufferer or a bit of therapy? There is one thing I have not stopped during my vestibular condition battles and that is housework. Despite finding the simplest of tasks an issue, a weird part of me finds housework rather therapeutic. Somehow feeling that I am dusting away my issues,…