Healthy Eating

Its been a fascinating journey since I changed my diet in 2016 and I have learnt so much on the way and lots to learn still. Since 2016 I have been following the Danette May program, clean healthy living. It is not a diet plan, its a lifestyle that I can sustain forever. It is easy to follow once you know how, perfect for time poor people like myself, the recipes are delicious and I eat 6 times a day, yes 6 times! Sometimes I actually struggling to eat everything! Eating so regularly every 2-3 hours is perfect for my symptoms as it keeps my blood sugar levels steady. The worst thing for my vestibular migraines is to go hungry!

I do weekly plans on a Saturday/Sunday night and get all my food on a Monday morning based on my weekly plan. My husband eats on my plan throughout the week, but eats his own this at the weekends! It is not a hassle cooking different meals, I have to do it that way as I have to focus on what helps me.

Anyone who is thinking about going gluten free, sugar free or dairy free or just wants to clean up their act, please go to she is simply awesome and yes I am a little bit in love with her!!! As my friends keep saying! Not only has this new eating plan helped with my vestibular migraines/PPPD symptoms, it has also helped with my IBS I used to get terribly bad since I was 20, every time I ate glutenous foods I used to……well I do not have to expand on that! All I can say is things are much more regular now and in good form!!

I now have an Instagram account dedicated to food! It’s @chroniccleancook where I share recipes from others I love and my own too. A clean eating lifestyle can really make a big difference to your health, it has with mine. I am a massive believer that a healthy gut is king and you can heal lots of conditions just by changing the way you eat. I know people who have reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, come off medication and helped with lots of different conditions and illnesses. What we drink is equally as important as food, I drink 3-4 ltrs of water a day and its excluding teas, I will have a mixture of Dandelion, Peppermint or Kombucha with decaf green tea a day. I have the odd decaf cappuccino for a treat!

If you have any healthy clean recipes you would like to share, I would love to hear from you! Also if you have any questions I would love to see if I can help. I am no massive expert on the subject but have learnt quite a bit on my journey so far.

The way I eat has become second nature to me! So easy, so nutritious! I love Danette May! I am now gluten, dairy, sugar, red meat, caffeine, alcohol free!

Lara x

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