I started my blog in January 2017 and a private support group on Facebook in September 2017, to help other sufferers feel less alone, inspire and give people hope. Since then the private support group has grown to over 600 members and public group over 12,000. It is such a lovely group of very supportive individuals, all of which have invisible illnesses themselves.

In the private group, we share tips, advice, give support on the bad days and on the good days. It is a place where people can speak freely and privately to each other without any judgement or negativity. We all understand and its so important that no one should struggle alone.

If you’d like to join the private support group we would love to have you there, please click here http://www.facebook.com/groups/mummyseeingdoublesupport

Below are just a few testimonials some of the members have written…..

“Over a year ago i stumbled across your blog I think a friend had shared . From the moment I became a member on this group I felt secure , not judged and for once someone knew exactly how I was feeling . This group has given me the confidence to keep fighting to improve my symptoms , from tips , healthy eating and also being aware of triggers that can make the vm more aggressive . If I had not stumbled across the group I don’t know where I would be today ! Very lonely and very depressed , but I know the days I struggle all I need to do is pick up my phone right a status and very soon I will be overwhelmed but so many supportive lady’s and that’s a huge comfort 😘😘😘 Lara you are my guardian angel xxxx”

“I truly thought I was losing my mind until I found this group ! It has been a God send for me knowing I can log in any time day or night and get comfort from those who know EXACTLY what I’m going through ! I can say that some days my symptoms have shown improvement, from the tips and advice given in this group ! The group is there for me on a bad day and also there on a good day! Always there xx”

“I stumbled across Mummy Seeing Double whilst going through one of the worst times of my life, basically when all my ear symptoms had just began, so my anxiety was through the roof and my panic attacks were happening several times a day 😢 luckily for me on one of my really bad days I happened to see Lara doing one of her lives talking about her ‘SOS bag’ she takes everywhere to combat anxiety & panic attacks (which I now carry with me when going anywhere out of my comfort zone). It was after watching her video that I first realised I wasn’t alone and that there were many others going through exactly (if not far worst) than I was and I think just by knowing there were others like me it began to put me at ease straight away. Since then I’ve got lots of tips off this page on how to cope on the bad days and how to really enjoy and be thankful for the good days and for that I am extremely grateful as I don’t think I’d be where I am now if it wasn’t for this page. I haven’t ever inboxed Lara for advice because pretty much everything I need is on her page however despite the fact we don’t actually know each other I do feel if things were to go back to that scary place (like it was 2 years ago) that I could private message her and she would take the time to respond because she understands ☺️ honestly this page and Lara has helped me massively and just knowing I’m not alone keeps me going xx”

“I was in the beginnings of the worse relapse Ive had that lasted for months on end. I felt there was no hope in sight. One day this page came across my Facebook feed so I joined. I knew immediately that i had found what I needed. My first few posts all came from a dark place. Lara and her group were welcoming. They listened and offered their experiences and advice. Helped me through the really rough days and encouraged me to keep moving. Members of this group have reached out to me just to see how I am doing. I do not know where I would be had I not found this group. I do know I would’ve missed out on way more of my life than I already do thanks to the encouragement and support from this group! I am grateful for you all!”

“I felt so alone before finding this group. When I first joined I felt suicidal and actually thought about harming myself daily but the support from the other ladies, kind words and suggestions of things to cope with symptoms has been unbelievably helpful. It’s a place to go when I’m feeling extra low, knowing there will always be someone there with words of comfort. Although I am physically not much better, this group has been the saving grace of my mental state and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“This group has made me realise I’m not on my own, I’m grateful for all the support and advice this group has giving me over the last 18 months or so. It has also helped me realise that we all have bad/good days and that there is hope out there and help if we need it. I’d be lost without the help of comments and suggestions of how to cope on my bad days. So to you all thank you very much for all the support xx”

“I’d had these symptoms for many years and been told they were caused by migraines and anxiety. Vertigo attacks were down to ear infections or so I was told. This group helped me realise it went much deeper than that and it felt good to know I wasn’t losing it or overreacting. I’ve managed most of the time with little or no medication so the suggestions and tips offered on here have really helped me and my anxiety seems to have improved from time to time. There always seems to be someone around who, whilst having no formal medical training can offer love and support and the ‘virtual hugs’ we all need on bad days . Keep on doing what we’re doing – not sure how I managed on my own before I found Lara and the rest of the group xxx”

“I don’t know where I would be without our DIZZY ANGEL LARA she’s such a support for not just me but she’s there for every one and a constant support everyday I don’t know where I would be with my condition without her and this group I’m forever grateful xxxx”

“I believe that this blog has been and will be very helpful to all those suffering these sometimes misunderstood disorders. I have personally been touched with this author as she shows the daily grind, with extreme honesty and compassion. I am honoured to also work with her and beside her as an Ambassador for all with vestibular difficulties. Although we are geographically separated by an ocean, I feel like she is one of my neighbours and friends. Please keep up the great work as long as you possibly can, we all appreciate it.” David, Ambassador Program Board Chairperson & Support Group Facilitator Vestibular Disorders Association (www.vestibular.org)

“For years I thought I was clumsy, then after I had a vertigo episode my already poor balance got worse. For almost two years I struggled every day with it, thinking it was mind over matter, and that it was my fear causing it. Then I found this group and discovered that not only was it not something I caused, and there were others that had the same issues.
It is very helpful hearing what others have tried and what has helped others, and appreciate the support of this group, especially Lara. I am thankful every day for everything she does to support us. I only wish I didn’t live across the pond, as I would love to meet her, and the other UK members.”

“I have no idea how I came across this group but I believe everything happens for a reason, and so I guess it doesn’t really matter how I found it, point is that I did and I’m so grateful  Lara is kind, helpful & knowlegable and often helps myself and the other members with things we’re trying to figure out or is just there to lend an ear and listen. We all live in a pretty scary world with a broad array of migraine & balance related illness, it’s sad to say, but it’s been wonderful to have a community of people in the same/similar boat to sound ideas off, ask questions and generally share love with one another. Thank you so much Lara, for being a friend and for all the love & support you give xxx

“I’m so glad I found this group, I think it was about 12 mths ago now. I am nearly 2 years into my journey with chronic vestibular migraines and visual vertigo, I have symptoms 24/7. My journey began out of the blue back in December 2016. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was scared. After finding this group I was relieved to know there were others like me and it eased my mind. This group is my safe place that I can come to anytime day or night, there is always someone around to talk to and you never feel alone. It has brought me so much comfort and endless support from everyone, which Im very grateful for. Its difficult to speak to family and friends about this disorder as they just dont understand what we are dealing with. I cant expect them to understand though as you have to experience it to know how debilitating it can be. The members of this group know 100% what the struggle is like. It’s good to share our experiences and get tips and advice from the other ladies. I feel like Im amongst friends Ive known for ages even though we’ve never met. I believe our paths crossed for a reason. Thank you to Lara for allowing me to join and for creating this group and thank you to each and everyone of you for all your love and support.”

“I’m so glad I found this group it’s been a great help I don’t feel alone anymore I know if I’m having a bad day I can post on here and like minded people are there to help me…. I would highly recommend this group it’s fantastic…. Lara is so kind hearted she will go out of her way to help you which is very rare now a days thank you for helping me it really does mean a lot xx”

“I have suffered with bppv & vestibular dysfunction since my twin girls were 5 they are now 21. I was told by doctors there is no cure for this illness, so go away & learn to live with it 😪I felt so alone before finding this group. When I first joined I felt suicidal, and low thoughts of living like this forever put me in dark places. This group & the support from the other ladies, & their kind, supportive words and suggestions of things to try has been unbelievably helpful. It’s a place to go when I’m feeling extra low, knowing there will always be someone there with words of comfort. Lara has helped me in ways I would never ever have thought of, my dad always said to me “ some days are diamonds & some days are stones, some days the hard times won’t leave me alone” it’s a song but so true of this illness and I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing group 💞

“This group has been a wonderful find for me. I was diagnosed with VM April 2017. I felt very scared and alone. This group has helped me handle the symptoms I have and also I feel like it is a safe place with friends here. I know I can share and get advice and encouragement! Thank you for providing this space for us! ❤️

I’ve only recently stumbled the “Mummy Seeing Double” support group, and it’s by far the best find I’ve had! After battling with this illness for a year, I felt very lost, alone, misunderstood and isolated.It’s hard for non-dizzy people to understand the huge range of symptoms that come with vestibular issues. There is a warmth and understanding in this little group that I haven’t found elsewhere. Finding a group of people who understand this condition is such a relief, as battling with this dizzy monster can so hard to do alone. I love the openness, honesty, and the live videos really make you feel connected and less alone. Thank-you Lara for this page!! xx”

“I have struggled with dizziness and vertigo for 13 years. It’s so hard as you look normal, people have no idea how even the simplest of tasks can be difficult. How you can be fine one minute and the world spinning the next and the fear that comes with that. I’m a member of a few Facebook groups for people suffering from similar issues but nothing compares to the closeness and friendliness of this group. Instead of getting generic responses from people you don’t know, you get heartfelt messages with love and support. I’ve posted about very private issues, family issues, personal issues how I’m struggling. This is the only group where I feel I can do this. I’ve never been judged, criticised or put down. I’ve learnt so much about clean, healthy eating, meditation, Pilates, alternatives treatments. But there’s always advice on Drs who can help or treatments which have worked. Lara’ s video’s and live chats help so much, also seeing some days where she’s raw and struggling, it must be so hard for her to do but it shows she in it together with us. She gets it, really understands. Unfortunately I haven’t improved much as my case is a bit complicated but just knowing I’m not alone makes the world of difference to my mental health which is just as important in my eyes. So yes this group has been a lifeline!”

“I came across “mummy seeing double” Facebook group on my news feed after a long search trying to find other people that I could relate to. When I discovered this group I had only recently been given an “unofficial” diagnosis for vestibular disorder by my GP after eliminating all other possible illnesses. She briefly skipped over this illness and suggested I do therapy. I had never heard of it before. I started experiencing these symptoms last November but have had anxiety since I had my first child 5 years ago. It has felt like a very lonely, scary and dark journey with many ups and downs. It was not until reading through the posts and watching the videos of all these other beautiful woman that I actually felt some comfort and a glimpse of light.  For 12 months I had felt like a crazy person and like what was happening with me was all in my head or just another facet of anxiety.  I took more notice that it was something other then anxiety when the simple tasks of going into a supermarket become very hard to do. I didn’t know what was going on but everything disturbed me from The lights, noise, flooring and I would get so dizzy and disoriented that I couldn’t walk or focus. I knew it had to be neurological. I’m still learning about this illness and finding my way to healing. I am very grateful to have found this support group. I am only new to it but feel very welcomed and inspired. Thank you Lara for bringing to life a safe place for others to share their darkest moments, it truly has been a beautiful gift.🙏

“I came across the mummy seeing double video of Lara on Facebook after suffering with VM VN for 14 years and most recently with bppv ! I Than joined the support group in 2017 which Lara set up and have found it to be so helpful with advice and support from people with the same symptoms as myself ! There no 9-5 time limit as you can always find help from someone on the group weather it be to get you over a minor blip or for a longer relapse ! I would also like to add the positivity which you receive is a huge factor in helping you cope and accept your condition ! It has also gave me the strength to do things I never thought I’d manage to do again ! I do have down days when I can’t manage to do them but I know there’s always support on here thanks to the creation of this group by our angel Lara xx”

“Here is my testimonial with a huge thank you to you Lara: 
Living with a vestibular disorder for well over a decade has been a lonely existence. For years I felt I was the only one in the world living like this. Understanding is poor, even within the medical profession. Everywhere I go and with everyone I meet I have to explain my poor health but quite often have to prove it too. Then I discovered the Mummy Seeing Double support group. I discovered there were other people out there like me, who not only believe me, but actually have an understanding of my daily battles. I was no longer alone. In having a safe place to discuss our health issues it has given me the opportunity to share my experiences which gives me hope that others do not face the same lonely battle that I once faced.”

“I am so grateful to have found the Mummy Seeing double page and private support group. Lara is amazing! I find her a personal inspiration as she still keeps going every day despite how she is feeling. I love her honesty and also the way she shows the rawness and reality of having vestibular issues. I have made lots of lovely friends through the group and I’m so grateful for all the support they give me. Lara is so helpful and supportive. Her positivity really shines through. Xxx”

“This lady is amazing offers so much helpful advice tells it as it is hides nothing about her bad days and yet is so positive so so glad i joined this group”

“I came across the mummy seeing double video of Lara on Facebook after suffering with VM VN for 14 years and most recently with bppv ! I Than joined the support group in August 2017 which Lara set up and have found it to be so helpful with advice and support from people with the same symptoms as myself ! There no 9-5 time limit as you can always find help from someone on the group weather it be to get you over a minor blip or for a longer relapse ! I would also like to add the positivity which you receive is a huge factor in helping you cope and accept your condition ! It has also gave me the strength to do things I never thought I’d manage to do again ! I do have down days when I can’t manage to do them but I know there’s always support on here thanks to the creation of this group by our angel Lara xx”

“There is much I’ve been through the last 7 years, to hell and back and a real rollercoaster ride and so much I could say but I’ll keep it short as it does effect me emotional etc talking about it all! I’m so glad I found this group! When I was diagnosed no one had heard of VN around me and even the GPs didn’t understand, it felt very lonely and isolating! Knowing that your not alone and others are experiencing the same as you makes you feel comfort that your in it together and gaining advice from those who are going through the same is a big help! xx”

“I have suffered with migraine related vertigo for over 8;years. I only found this group within the last year or so and from feeling very alone with my symptoms, found comfort in knowing others are going through the same thing, that it’s not in my head and it is a real illness. I am extremely lucky that due to a change of diet and taking amitriptyline my symptoms are much decreased and I function on a near normal level most days. However the years before this when I was in my darkest place, I really felt that nobody understood what I was going through and was so very low and scared. I was unable to go to the supermarket or shopping on my own, stopped driving anywhere apart from work and back and avoided social situations as I was so scared of having an attack. I literally felt as if I lost myself as I had always been out and about going to concerts, theatre, meeting friends for meals and drinks and all this became a challenge instead of enjoyable. I also had so many tests and saw so many different people and really thought I was never going to feel better. I now feel able to try and pass on anything that has helped me via this group to try and give some hope to others and have learned so much through this group too. Lara has been amazing setting this up, and everyone who contributes is so friendly and supportive to others. I know for those still suffering badly, this is literally a lifeline.”

“I have suffered with vertigo for 6 years. This was the first support group I have joined but are apart of other groups.this is by far my favourite group. I have met so many amazing people struggling with the same and it has given me hope. Lara is the most amazing women I have ever spoken too. Her live videos give us all strength. Wen I feel down I go live and it really helps just to get my feelings out. There is no judgement in this group just lovely people who are there to support you. I have learned so much from this group which helps me in my everyday life.”

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  1. Kari Kendle says:

    How do I become a part of what sounds to be a wonderful support group. I am 48 years old. I am a proud mother of an 8 year old daughter and have been married for 14 years. My life changed drastically this year on July 19th, 2018. I woke up feeling “ normal” and just a few short hours later found myself crawling on the floor from the living room to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk or even focus. Everything was spinning and I was sick for hours into the next morning when I finally was driven to urgent care. They thought I had Vertigo. Some of the symptoms lessened but my balance was “off”. I had a friend of mine reach out and by the grace of God she actually works as a PT in a balance out patient wing of the hospital. I had specialized tests run and it was determined that my left ear nerve was 100% out therefore causing my balance and head issues. I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. I had never even heard of that before and now I was living with it permanently. I am getting better with dealing with it through PT. I am frustrated at times. I have a Disneyland trip already planned with my family and daughter (who has never been) in 3 weeks. I am going. I will cope with this. Would love to be a part of your group. Kari Kendle

    1. mummyseeingdouble says:

      Hi kari
      Lovely to hear from you and thank you for sharing your story. I totally understand how frightening it is for you, I was diagnosed with neuritis as my second vestibular condition in 2013 after my right ear nerves got damaged as a result of many antibiotics and viruses the two years previous. Over the years my body has adapted and compensated. I gave up pretty much everything to get better. The group is wonderful and you just reminded me I hadn’t put a link to it! 🤦🏻‍♀️ so sorry! I’ve edited the page now to include a link but here it is http://www.facebook.com/groups/mummyseeingdoublesupport if you request to join I can accept you. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and it’s a very kind and friendly bunch of ladies and gents in the group. Please have a fantastic trip to Disneyland I went in 2014 when I was pretty much bad still with my VN and VM and I had a great time and so will you. My group would love to hear your story and it’ll also give others hope and inspiration that people can still go on holiday and enjoy themselves. Lots of love and see you on the other side 😘😍 xxx

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