Love and Hate relationship with Meditation….

Before I got ill in 2010, I had no clue about meditation. If you had asked me what it was back then, I would have shown you a blank bemused face, and said “someone cross legged on the floor with the two fingers together humming?”.  I had no idea that I would be getting into…

Happiness is homemade….what relaxes me….

Where do you feel happiest? Where do you feel secure? I feel happiest at home, I feel at my most secure at home. When my vestibular migraines were at their worst and I was out and about, say at a party, wedding, supermarket etc and all I could think about was going home, how can I get…

***Competition Time!***

***Competition Time!***
To thank you for your support, I am giving away a beautiful AC-Scent Well Being Jasmine 3 Wick Candle worth £34.50.

Anxious about being anxious

If you had asked me 5 years ago what anxiety felt like, I would not be able to tell you. I had never experienced anxiety ever before! What I might have said and it would have been a guess is…..butterflies in the tummy feeling??!?

Thinking of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

This is an incredibly hard post for me to write, not just because its a bit personal but also cause I am reliving some of it and that hurts. However I wanted to share it with you as I think it will help other people understand CBT a bit more and how it helped me…