Never too busy for ME time!

I have heard so many excuses over the years about why people cannot dedicate just 10 minutes of ME time a day and I used to be one of them! “I am too buys with work, I am too busy with the kids, my calendar is chocker, I am too tired, my symptoms are too bad, I do not know how to do it” and many more excuses!

You’ve got this 💪

Over the last 10 years from suffering from chronic illness I have had many many attacks. Panic attack, vertigo attacks, dizzy attacks etc. I have had attacks in all sorts of places, from Hairdressers, restaurants, shops, hospitals, on buses, in cars to walks in woods, in my house, at other peoples houses and numerous other venues! Some of the attacks, people would have no idea were happening, I have managed to keep them silent but suffered inside. However some have been quite visual eg my mum has caught me from falling to the floor quite a few times, my sister stopped me from impaling my head on a corner of a walk as she caught me just in time as I yelled out! etc

Dry January!? Try 6 years being alcohol free! Best thing I ever did!

If you would have told me 11 years ago before I got ill, that I would be alcohol free from 2013 forever, I would have never ever believed you! Pre-illness and in fact pre-children, I was a big drinker! The party animal in fact! Out of all my friends, I was the one that probably would drink them under the table….

You couldn’t make this S**t up!

9 Years ago I fell ill and I have to say one of the most frustrating things about suffering from invisible illnesses is the fact you look and act ok so people assume you are ok inside. Of course, if I was in their shoes, I would think exactly the same thing! If a person looks ok then its hard to believe that they are not ok.

Chronic Invisible Illness – A Mothers Perspective – 2 Years on….

My lovely mum wrote a blog 2 years ago in June 2017. As its Mothers Day it seemed perfect timing to give an update 2 years on from her original post. So she has once again put pen to paper and written the below, which I cried over when I read it! It is so lovely to get someone else’s perspective as an onlooker, as with these conditions you do feel rather lonely and feel its your own battle. I am still waiting for my husband to write his blog, he has promised to do one, one day I hope to share this with you.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, What does it mean to you? To me, its not just about Women’s rights, equality and celebrating achievements. Its much more, its about strong women and women supporting other women instead of bringing them down. Women inspiring others, giving them hope, being their for others.

A mothers perspective…

This has been a huge learning curve for me as the mother of a daughter who suffers from vestibular conditions and mental health, all beginning back in 2010 after my grandchildren were born.