Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable…

I remember the very day back in May 2017 when Laura contacted me and its a day I will never forget. A little voice, in utter despair, did not know which way to turn, what to do about her symptoms, how to get better how to manage them. Her mental health was very much affected by her vestibular symptoms and she was very much at the end of her tether with it all. In fact as I write this, I feel very emotional and am tearing up… I know how bad she was.

Over the coming months we spoke fairy frequently, checking in with her and trying to spur her on and give her some light at the end of the tunnel, some hope, some inspiration to fight this. I remember her saying to me “I don’t think I will ever be able to have a baby, this condition and symptoms are stopping me from living my life and stopping me moving on”

Yes I was there to support her and yes I kept her moving forward, however what Laura does not realise is she did SO much herself, all I did was be there for her whilst she figured it all out. I do believe her change in mindset, her detailed diaries and the effort she put in to getting better got her to where she is today. A negative mindset can keep you in the dizzy loop, she sorted all that out herself and started to believe she could get through what she describes as “worst time of my life”.

Sometimes believing you can, having faith in your body and mind are the tools you need to get on the healing path to better days. “What you seek is already within you”.

Here is what Laura wrote, just a snapshot of her story, I hope this gives people hope and the inspiration to fight on and achieve what people might currently think is the impossible. xxx

“Hello” everyone! Some of you may remember me from a few years back as the diary keeping, dizzy, barely walking, always crying Laura ..

Today, I am a new woman! I have an 8 week old baby girl (born in a world pandemic lockdown) and I am loving a ‘non dizzy life’!!

I can function as a mummy, which is something I felt had been snatched away from me when I was diagnosed with chronic vestibular migraines.

To cut a long story short.. here’s some information about my background and journey!!

*2016/2017 I became very poorly
*No professionals could tell me what was wrong
*I could barely get out of bed / lift my head
*I would bump into things constantly and have to cling onto walls even just going to the loo!
*I was given naproxen/ steroids / medication for sinus infections/ anti dizziness meds but NOTHING worked!
*After seeing numerous professionals I went private to a neurologist called Dr Jacobs at the spire Cheshire who finally diagnosed me!!

*I was told to change my lifestyle – no caffeine, regular sleep pattern (wake up and go to bed the same time each night ) , no sleeps during the day, no cheese, no chocolate, 4 LTRs of water per day .
*I kept a very detailed food diary (see image below) rating my good days and bad days which helped me see any patterns relating to food , hormonal changes and weather changes.

*I was given 2 medications which I took together. Amitriptyline and topirimate. I can’t remember the amount sorry!!!

During my journey, I found Lara on here! She supported me throughout and with her support I kept pushing through what I can only describe as the ‘worst time of my life’. So today, as I sit here sharing my story with you all.. I smile at my baby and appreciate every little life moment ❤️

If anyone would like any more information or even a little chat I would love to support you! (When im not changing nappies or feeding! 🤣🤭) (Laura is in my private facebook support group ( ) and can be reached through there or through me at

I really hope this helps someone out there who’s feeling like their life will never be the same! Lots of love and positive vibes!

Laura x

If you would like to join our private support group you can find it here support groups are so important, as you have a safe place to share your feelings with like minded people who understand. You do not have to fight this battle alone. ‘We are stronger together’

If you would like to contact Laura, please email me I will be managing this as she has a new born baby and you can imagine she is rather busy in a lovely way!

Lara xxx

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  1. Heilean says:

    So happy you have a baby now. Amazing that you can cope with new baby without dizziness. I’m also dizzy since 2017. Quick query… How long did you take topimax for or do you still take it? I do diet special VRT exercise supplements plus Effexor but considering topimax to get rid of last residual dizziness can’t kick. Thanks a mill. Enjoy this special time with baby… Believe me it flies by… My baby is almost ten.

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