Positivity and hope….

A world of dizziness every single day for me
A condition that’s hard for people to see
Invisible dizziness, vertigo and headaches to boot
From mild symptoms to sometimes very acute
But what has got me through is a positive attitude
Even if everything I look at seems very skewed
A lot of vestibular disorders effect your eyes
Bright lights, television, even looking up at the skies

There is comfort in speaking to people who are in the same boat
Strength in others keeping each other afloat
Chatting about experiences, tips and how you cope
Being there to support giving other sufferers hope
Vestibular sufferers see the world in a different way
It is a constant daily battle trying to keep it at bay
Dizzy from when you get up to when you go to sleep
You even feel dizzy laying there counting sheep!

It’s not just the physical side its very much mental too
Depression and anxiety a subject that used to be taboo
Living with this condition is not an easy feat
Family & friends support but some take a back seat
Frustrating for them to understand what’s going on in your head
Some days all I want to do is stay in my comfy bed
But awareness is key of such a debilitating thing
Much easier to understand if your arm is in a sling!

That’s the reason why I started my own blog
To give people hope who are stuck in a smog
Together we will fight it giving each other strength
Beating this condition and keeping it at arms length
I am not a therapist or medically trained in any way
But I’ve been there and experienced it in every shade of grey!
So lets share, be honest and raise awareness far and wide
Be positive, determined and hold our heads up high in pride.

I love writing poems so will be doing a lot more of these on my blog, so watch this space. If you have written a poem to express how you feel about your health, I would love to hear from you.

Lara x

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  1. tikimom19 says:

    Thank you so much for your website and this blog! I have been having such a rough time these past few days dealing with my dizziness and vision problems. I’m doing my best to cope with this condition, but it has been rough. I pray that we find a cure to this. Thank you for giving me and everyone else positive energy.

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