My love of Pilates…and breathe…

Back in the day when I used to be very flexible, when I was young! I am talking in my 20s! I used to do Pilates and Yoga alot and in fact attending some Body Balance classes that was way before my balance disorders reared their ugly heads!!

So when I got advice from my consultants to give up gluten, sugar and dairy in October 2016 I went searching for a plan I could easily follow. I needed a plan that would make me accountable, would keep me on track but at the same time still be enjoyable and easy as I am time poor.

So I found Danette May and wow what an inspirational woman. I could not sign up quick enough, although I was a bit dubious as it was a typical SALESY type website and messaging which normally makes me break out in hives! But I thought I had nothing to loose with her money back guarantee she was offering, too good to be true??

Well how wrong was I, goodness me, I have not looked back. I started October 10th 2016, I took my before photos with reluctance, I try and not stand in the mirror naked for too long! I did the typical, side, front, back lardy photos and took a floppy tape measure and wrapped it around me, making it tighter then it should be so I wasn’t so shocked at the measurements! That didn’t work! I was still shocked! How did I get this big! How did that happen over such a short amount of time!? I had to do something about it and fast! Otherwise I could become a hermit for life and wear clothes that do not show a millimeter of skin!

So I signed up and received the weekly plans every Friday, as part of the emails, we received weekly/daily workouts and meditations. I instantly loved her workout style, introducing things slowly, easing my non flexible body into this obscure body twisting moves! By the middle of October, I had lots loads of inches and toned up a bit! I was very impressed, I thought, I wonder if this will continue? And it did, come December 10th I had lost 23 inches and toned up massively. I was thrilled.

Pilates made me feel so much better, I was off migraine medication due to my diet change and exercise and was feeling on top of the world. I was still getting my typical vestibular migraine daily dizziness but it was minor compared to what it was.

Now its January 17th and I STILL on plan and in deep shock that I have actually for once in my life stuck to something! I LOVE this plan, its NOT a diet its a lifestyle. Its so easy to follow its become second nature. Instead of wheat flour I cook with lots of almond flour, coconut flour, brown rice flour and numerous, nuts, raw honeys etc etc the list is huge! My cupboard is now full of lots of fabulous gluten free and healthy ingredients. Gone are the days that I reach for that chocolate bar or iced bun, instead I reach for my fat burning apple muffins and protein balls!

Pilates has also sorted out my lower back problems, I used to really suffer as I am tall and I was overweight. I am now finding I am gaining some nice definition in my Abs and the every night Pilates sessions at home are now starting to pay off! I have now introduced some weights to my workouts too and flat abs additional workout. I am halfway through my weight loss journey so am looking forward to the months ahead!

If you have not heard of Danette May before I urge you to have a look at her site. Do not be put off by the volume of text and Sales pitch type language, she is truly not like that when you work with her, she is a lovely spirit and amazing support, I owe her so much for transforming my life.

I will be updating my blog with some posts as and when I get more results in my weight loss and toning journey! I am also going to be posting up recipes and tips for clean eating!

Lara x

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