Motivation….mmmmm, it is sometimes a struggle to get motivated….so what makes you get up in the mornings, what motivates you to get on with your day. What inspires and kick starts you to get moving and on with life?

Being a positive person, like myself, does not necessarily mean I have the motivation to get out of my pit in the mornings! I have never been an early bird but I have struggled many times over the years to get up and moving before 8am!! And that is not just because it might be cold and I am cosy, or have had a late night etc

Every day for many years its been like groundhog day, I open my eyes at around 7ish and once again I am dizzy, it gets so boring feeling the same thing every day, so tedious and tiresome. You go to bed hoping that the next morning you will feel better, be cured of this lifetime disorder, but alas here it is again, the shifting feeling, as my consultant calls it, he describes it so well!

So whats the number one thing that makes me move my backside?….firstly and most importantly my children, they are my call to action, they motivate and inspire me every day. It is handy that they at the age now that they can get hold both of my arms and legs and pull me out of bed! I just take one look at their gorgeous angelic faces and I spring onto my feet.

Secondly, I LOVE life, yes I do, despite feeling rubbish most of the 24 hours I am living, I really do love everything about my life, my children, my husband, my family, my friends, my work, my house, my cats, even down to my makeup! But before you get the sick bucket, I did not always feel like this! I fell into a pit of deep dark depression when I was diagnosed with my second vestibular disorder in 2013, I never thought I would uncurl out of my fetal position!

I felt depressed about all sorts of aspects of my life, yes of course I loved my children and husband still and friends and family around me, but it was overshadowed by a dark dizzy depressive cloud. I hated that I felt like this, it made me angry, snappy and damn right miserable. I had to do something about this, so I dug deep and grabbed hold of the chink of positivity I once had and brought it to the forefront of my life. I had to get on with life, I had to start living my life, enjoying my children and I had to fight this.

You will read in my other blog posts how I changed certain things in my life to better myself, introduced exercise to help with my vestibular neuritis (a form of VRT vestibular rehabilitation therapy), change my diet to stay off vestibular migraine medication, get out more, oh there are so many changes I have made for the better.

I also get motivated by these things too….

  • I love my work, I run a baby gift company called Corporate Baby and I thoroughly enjoy it. As I work every day I have to get up, but its easier for me as I work from home rather then having to commute. But my business has been the one major thing that has got me through, if I felt dizzy I would create a new gift creation, if I felt anxious I would get busy! It does keep my mind off things to a certain degree.
  • My husband motivates me too, he tells me to GET UP in the morning and sometimes not that politely either! He is like a daily human alarm. Plus I need to get up and feed the cats otherwise they paw at my face until I feed them!
  • Nature, there is nothing better then birds singing and waking up to a sunny beautiful day, but what if it is grey and miserable out there….just pretend its not or think, it might brighten up!!
  • My fighting spirit, I actually get motivated by myself! Sounds strange doesn’t it, but as I find each day a challenge, I cannot wait to get up to find out how I am going to cope with the day. My father and mother often say to me, the good thing about me is I HELP MYSELF, then you find people around you are more willing to help you! Especially the medical profession!
  • My children’s energy motivates me, they come bounding in every morning, so much energy! Its certainly contagious! I know they depend on me, they are very independent little girls, get their own breakfast, get dressed themselves etc but they need me to just be there, so I have to make sure I am!

So what motivates you? I would love to hear what gets you kick started in the mornings.

Lara x


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